committee structure

 The committees of Eastern Oklahoma Presbytery are commissioned to do the work of the Presbytery in all of its different forms. How is the Holy Spirit calling you to servant leadership?



Moderator: Clayt Evans

EOP Staff Liaison: Tim Blodgett


  • Oversees pastoral leadership and congregational effectiveness

  • Meets 6-8 times per year


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Moderator: Raymond VandeGiessen

EOP Staff Liaison: 


  • Provides nominees for presbytery officers, committees, and moderators of committees, as well as Dwight Agency, Synod and General Assembly​


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Presbytery Council

Moderator Elaine Elsloo Dodd

EOP Staff Liaison:  Leigh McCaslin


  • Comprised of one Teaching Elder and one Ruling Elder from each of the five Regional Councils, moderators of remaining committees, and six at-large members.

  • Serves as the coordinating council for the presbytery

  • At-large members serve as the presbytery meeting planning team

  • Meets quarterly, about four weeks prior to each presbytery meeting


Council Work Groups:

  • Budget

  • Mission Grants & Scholarships

  • Personnel

  • Planning & Review

  • Presbytery Meetings


Other Council Members:

  • Moderator of EOP Presbyterian Women​

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Pastoral Care Team

  • Provides pastoral care for pastors, church professionals, and congregations


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Permanent Judicial Commission


EOP Staff Liaison: Leigh McCaslin


  • Serves as an ecclesiastical court for matters referred in accord with Rules and Discipline


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Preparation for Ministry


Moderator: Daniel Hutchinson

EOP Staff Liaison: Tim Blogett


  • Oversees inquirers and candidate for ministry


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Moderator: Raymond VandeGiessen

EOP Staff Liaison: Leigh McCaslin


  • Encourages full participation by all constituent groups in the life and work of the presbytery​

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President: Arlene Phillips

Vice President: Doug Dodd

EOP Staff Liaison: Tim Blodgett and Leigh McCaslin


  • Oversees Presbytery real property and assists congregations with property issues


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